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Application channel opens @ January, 31th, 2018

EVOLANGOcube - Incubator

EVOLANGOcube "Fast Forward"

A Design Sprint is a five-step approach (based on Design Thinking processes) and a short-cut to service & product development and testing with real customers.
In just five days, ideas or projects are developed, prototyped (as a product or as a service) and tested with your target group or customers. With these results it´s easy to make the decision if it´s worth to hit the market without burning a lot of money while eventually failing!
Design Sprints were developed by Google

EVOLANGOcube "Tropical"

Creativity and innovation need a clear mind and the feeling that everything is possible! Is there a better place to do this than in a place where you feel comfortable / relaxed all around? Beyond the daily routine, you will focus on your start-up idea for 8 days at amazing locations around the world!
With a power design sprint you check your idea within the first 3 days for its feasibility. But the best idea is useless if your target group doesn't see sense in it. Therefore, you will work on day 4 and 5 for the value proposition. In order to put your idea on sustainable feet / to carry it into the world / to spread it, networks are indispensable. That's why in the last 3 days you have the opportunity to network worldwide in a relaxed atmosphere. You take part in the Start-Up-Event of the world's largest Startup Network and have the opportunity to discuss and share your proven idea with others on further Come-Togethers.

So why are you waiting? Give your idea the freedom to grow!