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Design Sprint / Innovation Sprint

A Design Sprint is a five-step approach (based on Design Thinking processes) and a short-cut to service & product development and testing with real customers.
In just five days, ideas or projects are developed, prototyped (as a product or as a service) and tested with your target group or customers. With these results it´s easy to make the decision if it´s worth to hit the market without burning a lot of money while eventually failing!
Design Sprints were developed by Google and are now applied by EVOLANGO

Value Proposition

The goal of Value Proposition is to support customers with products and services, to get their "jobs" done, to solve relevant problems of the customers and to offer benefits.
For a value proposition it is essential to first select a specific customer segment: Tasks, problems and benefits are identified for this segment. You should be careful not to focus too much on your own offers, but to obtain a complete customer profile. The elements are then prioritized because some tasks, problems and benefits are more relevant to customers than others. Similarly, products and services, problem solvers and users are collected and prioritized.